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Published on 22nd March 2020

Why Do You Need A Pizza Cutter?

Many people might believe that you only need some pizza cutter to chop or perhaps slice pizza, but this is not correct. The most effective pizza cutters have sharp blades that can cut through the thin and thick crust with little work, a thing you can’t achieve when working with regular cutters.

You will not need to go forth and back while slicing a pizza, since the sharp leading edge enables you to cut by pizza the very first period.

The best way to Pick the best Pizza Cutter?

Picking out the best pizza cutter could be hard because of the many types and brands that are available.

Ease of cleaning:

The most effective pizza cutter is one that’s very easy to clean up. Thus, to make certain the pizza cutter you purchase is easy to clean think about whether it’s dishwasher safe. Similarly, you need to check whether it’s most or all of the parts of its removable. This provides for you to clean up all components thoroughly and easily.


No matter the pizza cutter you pick, make certain it’s an ergonomic handle design. This would ensure the handle not only fits perfectly in the palm of the hands of yours, but also that it’s comfortable. Thus, you will get a constant grip which enables you to cut through any pizza crust with a little work.


By cutting and slicing pizza, you’ll be working with lots of moisture and tomato paste. The very last thing you need is a pizza cutter made of a substance that can often behave with the tomato paste of rust when subjected to water. Thus, you need to look into pizza cutters made from stainless steel materials since they’re rustproof and will not react with tomato paste.

The best way to Clean a Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter is among the more unusual things in the kitchen that requires cleaning. Aspect serotonin you can clean easily (in case you can buy it to stop rotating), though the other side has got the handle attachment, which could be hard to clean up in case you do not understand how. Make use of the tips below to ensure the cutter of yours is clean.

Measures to clean up the Cutter:

If there’s dried pizza on the cutter, soak it in a bowl of soapy water for thirty mins to an hour to soften the debris. Don’t allow the cutter to remain in the water a long time, or perhaps it might rust.

Location a sponge or may be folded towel in the sink of yours and maintain the pizza cutter in an angle against the sponge or perhaps towel to ensure you can easily scrub the counter without the cutter rotating. Do this to clean up each side of the blade, slowly rotating the back aspect of the blade to clean up the department behind the handle connection. Take care not to cut yourself on the blade.

Cut a portion of white floss and operate the floss across the interior of the handle connection. Look at the floss to ensure it is released clean.

If the floss doesn’t come out clean, put the pizza cutter in a big bowl of water and include a denture tablet. Leave it submerged until the tablet stops fizzing.

Rinse the cutter thoroughly, after which replicate the floss test.

Extra Advice and Tips It’s ideal to wash utensils, especially awkward utensils such as a pizza cutter, once you finish making use of them.

A pizza cutter is a must-have the product for enjoying pizza at home. Do not go for a kitchen knife that is hard to work with. The blade of a pizza cutter is created to easily slide by pizza with accuracy. You get the effects you would like in seconds with no hassle.

If you would like to cut pizza with no frustration, then purchasing a pizza slicer is an excellent solution. You are able to rely on a clean-cut which takes nearly zero effort.

Cover it up Having the very best pizza cuter not just changes the expertise of yours of the kitchen though additionally, it provides you with the sensation of achievement when you find a way to deliver a flawlessly sliced pizza.